Clipstone Brook Lower School

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Winter Weather Arrangements


In the event of heavy snow fall children should ...

  • Come in Wellingtons / boots - don't forget your hat, scarf and gloves
  • Bring a change of shoes
  • Children will be allowed to play out in the snow provided they have suitable clothing and footwear
  • Bring a change of clothes (jogging bottoms are a good idea)

Any decision to close the school as a result of severe weather will be taken based on local conditions and guidance from the local authority.  Where possible we will give you advanced warning. 


To help you know what is happening Central Bedfordshire Council has an information service known as “SOS”.  Parents are able to sign up to this service to receive important information about school closures.


  To register visit Central Bedfordshire SOS Service and follow the links below:

·Click on ‘register for updates and fill in the text boxes

·Click on ‘submit’

The site will inform you of closures at all other Central Bedfordshire schools, if you request them. 

We will update the school website and send out text or email alerts and update the School App. Alternatively:

Listen to or access the websites of Three Counties or Heart FM radio

  • On bringing your child to school please ensure that the school is open and that you speak to a member of staff before leaving your child.

If driving conditions deteriorate severely during the day please...

  • Telephone the school if you are going to be late collecting your child