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Parents Resources

Good source of information to help parents help their child in positive ways and support them in their education.




Anti Radicalisation

As a parent you may be worried about how extremism and radicalisation might effect your child. Please look at the attached guide by Victvs Ltd for further information.  



This entirely free service allows people to shop directly at their favourite online store via the link below to raise money for the CBA. Donations can be up to 15% of the value of your purchase, depending on the retailer and the item purchased.


Learning Community 2 

Some of the schools in Bedfordshire work together as local clusters or communities. Learning Community 2 schools are in Leighton Buzzard, Woburn and the surrounding villages. We are comprised of two upper schools, five middle schools, nineteen lower schools and one school for children with special needs.

We meet regularly together to discuss key issues,facilitate training and encourage co-operative working across the three tiers of schools.


Children's Centre

We provide services for families with children under 5

Children's Centre



This is an excellent gateway for other educational websites written for children.



Central Bedfordshire County

Our local education authority, providing information about schools, social services, libraries, highways etc.



Adult Learning and Job Hunting

Adult Learning


Parent Support

Parent Support Sessions

Impact MH Peer Support programme


Children's Electricity Booklet

Keeping Safe with Electricity



Link to SNAP, Special Needs Action Panel SNAP website  


Autism Bedfordshire 

The link will take you there:  Pathway


School Nursing Service

All schools across Bedfordshire now have access to a specialist and highly qualified named School Nurse working as part of a skill mixed team. School nurses and their teams use their autonomy, clinical skills and professional judgment to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people, thereby, enabling children to reach their full academic potential.

The nursing team work with the school to offer school based immunisations and health checks for pupils.  They also provide the school with training and support them with any medical special needs.  


Getting to know your health visiting and school nursing team 


Public Health Information

CBC Public Health poster for various links to different websites.


Children’s Flu Vaccination Programme

For the 2020/21 flu programme all our children from Reception to Year 4's will be offered the flu vacinnation.  Please click here to be directed to a video which contains statements from younger children about the flu vaccine, what happens on the day, what it is like and why it is important to have it done.


Head Lice

Scratch scratch. Scratch. Your childs head is feeling really itchy. Could it be lice?  If so, you're not alone. Every year, between 6 and 12 million people worldwide get head lice. Most of those millions are kids. Any kid who goes to school has probably already heard about lice. They can spread easily at schools, so if one kid gets them, the rest of the class might get them, too. Look at the attached sheet for advise on what can you do.

headlice information sheet


CHUMS (Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children)

CHUMS Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young People provides therapeutic support in a variety of ways.

Its unique service model ensures that they support your whole family wherever possible. CHUMS recognise that parent and carers sometimes need some help too in supporting their children when there is a mental health or emotional well-being difficulty.  All the group programmes offer a facilitated parent/carer group alongside the children and young people’s groups.

Please click here for further Information


Bladder and Bowel Charity

Please click here to find further support for those children with toileting issues.