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Preparing Children for Starting School


To help your child be ready for starting school. Encourage them to learn the following skills so they are able to:


  • speak to an adult and know when to ask for help
  • understand the word 'stop' and that this might be used to prevent danger
  • understand the word 'no' and the boundaries it sets
  • recognise their own name including familiar signs and logos
  • talk in full sentences and have a good, detailed vocabulary
  • be aware of other children - play and form friendships
  • sit still and listen when asked and also be able to take turns and share
  • be toilet trained and be able to visit the toilet unaided
  • take their coat and shoes on and off, dress and undress for PE with minimal adult support
  • open and enjoy a book both independently and with an adult
  • recognise numbers and take part in counting games
  • hold a pencil properly to make marks and begin to draw
  • eat a meal or snack unaided, identify and enjoy a range of healthy foods. 


 Is your child ready to learn?



  Click here to see the Central Bedfordshire Council's Video footage about school readiness