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KS2 (Years 3 & 4)


KS2 Self isolation home pack Day 1

KS2 Self isolation home pack Day 2

KS2 Self isolation home pack Day 3

KS2 Home Pack day 4

KS2 Home Pack day 5

KS2 Home Pack day 6

KS2 Home Pack day 7

KS2 Home Pack day 8

KS2 Home Pack day 9

KS2 Home Pack day 10

RE Easter PPT for day 10

KS2 Home Pack day 11

Fronted adverbials lesson 11

Rollercoaster word mat for English

KS2 Home Pack day 12

KS2 Home Pack day 13

KS2 Helping pack

KS2 Light house screenshots

Revision day pack

Summer Term Day1 

Day 1 Resources English

Day 1 Resources R.E.

 Summer Term Day 2

English Resources for Days 2, 3 and 4

Summer Term Day 3

Day 3 Resources RE

Day 3 1 Star Activity RE

Day 3 2 Star Activity RE

Day 3 3 Star Activity RE

Summer Term Day 4

Summer Term Day 5- Please see ingredients for cooking.

Day 5- D&T Power Point

Day 5- D&T Recipe and Cooking Guidelines

Summer term Day 6

Summer term Day 7

Day 7 Lesson Presentation Parts of Plants 

Summer term Day 8

Day 8 Design a seed packet 

Summer term Day 9

Day 9 Story Board Lesson 

Day 9 Lesson Presentation Moving Water

Day 9 Parts of a Plant 

Summer term Day 10

Day 10 Reading Activity

Day 10 Reading Ext Activity

Day 10 Seasonal Food Slides Design and Technology 

.Summer Day 11

Summer Day 12

Rations pack

 Carrot Scones

Summer Day 13

Day 13 one-star reading

Day 13 two-star reading

Day 13 three-star reading

Summer Day 14

VE Day Celebrations

How to make a paper aeroplane craft instructions

Morse Code Display Poster

Summer Day 15

Activity Sheet Flower Dissection Mat (Lesson 15)

Lesson Presentation Fantastic Flowers (Lesson fifteen)

Summer Day 16

Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant Worksheet Day 16

Seed_Dispersal Powerpoint (Day Sixteen)

Lesson Presentation Life Cycle (Day sixteen)

Summer Day 17

Seasonal Food Jam Tart Recipe (Day 17)

Summer Day 18

Summer Day 19

Day 19 Reading Task