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Work packs to support home education while the school is closed. These will be updated regularly.




 Work Packs

Further packs will be added over the next few days.  

Additional support for SEN children will follow.

Nursery  Reception KS1 (Year 1 & 2) KS2 (Year 3 & 4)


Nursery Home Pack Day 1

Nursery Home Pack Day 2

Nursery Home Pack Day 3

Nursery Home Pack Day 4

Nursery Home Pack Day 5

Nursery Home Pack Day 6

Nursery Home Pack Day 7

Nursery Home Pack Day 8

Nursery Home Pack Day 9

Nursery Home Pack Day 10

Nursery Home Pack Day 11

Nursery Home Pack Day 12

Nursery Home Pack Day 13







Reception - Home Pack Day 1

Reception - Home Pack Day 2

Reception - Home Pack Day 3

Reception - Home Pack Day 4

Reception Day 4 postcard template

Reception - Home Pack Day 5

Reception Day 5 how caterpillars change

Reception Day 5 Jack in the Beanstalk narrative

Reception - Home Pack Day 6.docx

Reception Day 6 EYFS 3D shape

Reception Day 6 Work Out Joe Wicks

Reception - Home Pack Day 7

Reception Day 7 Healthy Living

Reception - Home Pack Day 8

Reception Day 8 Cycle of a bean plant

Reception Day 8 what plants need to grow

Reception - Home Pack Day 9

Reception - Home Pack Day 10

Reception - Home Pack Day 11

Reception - Home Pack day 12

Describe the Taste Day 12

Capacity-Challenge-Cards Day 12

Rhyming words Day 12

Reception - Home Pack Day 13

Rhyming Poem Day 13

Ronald-the-rhyming Rhino Day 13



KS1 Self isolation home pack Day 1

KS1 Self isolation home pack Day 2 

KS1 Self isolation home pack Day 3

KS1 Home Pack - Day 4

Lesson 4 - Motte and Bailey differentiated reading comprehension

KS1 Home Pack - Day 5

KS1 Home Pack - Day 6

KS1 Home Pack - Day 7

Lesson 7 - Locate and add the castles to the map of the UK

Lesson 7 - sequencing cards

Lesson 7 - Battle of Hastings powerpoint


KS1 Home Packs - Day 9

KS1 Home Packs - Day 10

KS1 Home Packs - Day 11

KS1 Home Packs - Day 12

KS1 Home Packs - Day 13

 KS1 Art sketching guide

KS2 Self isolation home pack Day 1

KS2 Self isolation home pack Day 2

KS2 Self isolation home pack Day 3

KS2 Home Pack day 4

KS2 Home Pack day 5

KS2 Home Pack day 6

KS2 Home Pack day 7

KS2 Home Pack day 8

KS2 Home Pack day 9

KS2 Home Pack day 10

RE Easter PPT for day 10

KS2 Home Pack day 11

Fronted adverbials lesson 11

Rollercoaster word mat for English

KS2 Home Pack day 12

KS2 Home Pack day 13

KS2 Helping pack

KS2 Light house screenshots

Revision day pack

Read Write Inc

 Physical exercise


Computing / ICT


RWI 1.7 Cards - 5 sounds per word

RWI sound cards sets 1 - 3 - with rhymes

RWI planning and resources w.c. 30.3.20

red words

green words 1

green words 2

green words 3

Green story - Tug

Red story book 3 - A cat in a pot

Red writing - A cat in a pot pg 6-13

Grey story - Vulture culture

Blue story - Jellybean

Orange story - Too much

Yellow story - Lost



For questions on RWInc please email:  



Physical exercise ideas

SEND Support For Parents

Activity Cards 1

Activity Cards 2

Activity Cards 3

Activity Cards 4

Now and Next 5 activity schedule

5 Point Scale Check in System

Mind Map - Casey - Full edition NEW

Speech Activities to do at home

Theraplay Games

Coronavirus Advice For Parents

Coronavirus Slide for children


EYFS Home learning Computing

KS1 Home learning Computing

KS2 Home learning Computing


Please note that we will be unable to mark work completed at home. 


* Click on Kids Activities to take you to a web site with additional educational support.    

* Click on Discovery Education for additional teaching resources. 

Username: student4254
Password: espress0

*Click on Emile Resources for additional numeracy games.

Username: First name Last name1 (e.g. John Smith1)

Password: password 


Online Tech lessons for KS2 -. click here


 For daily virtual RWI lessons for children click -  Read Write Inc - You Tube Live