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Work packs to support home education while the school is closed. These will be updated regularly. 

Please refer to various pages within the Home Learning tab under Parent and Carers to find work set previously. 



 Work Packs 


Nursery Home Pack 33

Nursery Home Pack 34

Nursery Home Pack 35

Nursery Home Pack 36

Nursery Home Pack 37

Nursery Home Pack 38

Nursery Home Pack 39

Nursery Home Pack 40

Nursery Home Pack 41

Day 41 -The Very Busy Spider book

Nursery Home Pack 42




Reception - Home Pack Day 33

Day 33 - The Very Busy Spider Story

Reception- Home Pack Day 34

Day 34 - Maths

Reception - Home Pack Day 35

Day 35 - Spider Facts Powerpoint

Reception - Home Pack Day 36

Day 36 - Spider Labelling

Day 36 - Maths

Reception - Home Pack Day 37

Day 37 - Spider Poem

 Day 37 - Maths

Reception - Home Pack Day 38

Reception - Home Pack Day 39

Day 39 - minibeast-action-cards

Reception - Home Pack Day 40

Day 40 - Worm-facts-posters

Reception - Home Pack Day 41

Day 41 Minibeast Matching

Reception - Home Pack Day 42


KS1 (Year 1 & 2)

Week 4 Summer KS1 (Monday) (WB 11.5.20)

Week 4 Summer KS1 (Tuesday)

Week 4 Summer KS1 (Wednesday)

Week 4 Summer KS1 (Thursday)

Week 4 Summer KS1 (Friday)

KS1 wc 18.5.20 (Monday)

KS1 wc 18.5.20 (Tuesday)

KS1 wc 18.5.20 (Wednesday)

KS1 wc 18.5.20 (Thursday)

KS1 wc 18.5.20 (Friday)

KS1 wc 1.6.20 Monday

KS1 wc 1.6.20 Tuesday

KS1 wc1.6.20 Wednesday

KS1 wc 1.6.20 Thursday

wc 1.6.20 (Friday)


KS2 (Year 3 & 4)

 Summer Day 20

Seasonal Food Work 3

Seasonal Food Slide 3

Summer Day 21

Day 21 Lesson Presentation Viking Life

Day 21 Viking Life (easier version)

Day 21 Adverts

Summer Day 22

Day 22 Sales Pitch Template

Day 22 The Holy Island of Lindisfarne-powerpoint

Summer Day 23

Summer Day 24


Summer Day 1 - WB 1st June

Day 1 Map 1 of the United Kingdom

Day 1 Map 2 of the United Kingdom

Summer Day 2

Day 2 UK Map Showing Cities

Day 2 Location of Leighton Buzzard

Summer Day 3

Day 3 OS map of Leighton Buzzard

Summer Day 4

Day 4 Examples of Route to School Maps

Summer Day 5


Computing / ICT

EYFS Home learning Computing

KS1 Home learning Computing

KS2 Home learning Computing

Computer Skills Home Learning EYFS (Added Summer Term)

Computing Skills Home Learning KS1 and KS2 (Added Summer Term)



SEND Support For Parents

Activity Cards 1

Activity Cards 2

Activity Cards 3

Activity Cards 4

Now and Next 5 activity schedule

5 Point Scale Check in System

Mind Map - Casey - Full edition NEW

Speech Activities to do at home

Theraplay Games

Coronavirus Advice For Parents

Coronavirus Slide for children


Physical exercise

Physical exercise ideas


School Games Active Championships:  a national activity campaign to help young people across the UK to #StayInWorkOut. Click here to go to the website for details.


Outside In  has been launched by Sustrans. It’s a four week programme of resources and activities targeted at parents.  Sign up for Outside In here:

More information about Outside In can be found here:

You can take a sneaky peek at week one here: (and click on the buttons to go down to a daily activity or the challenge).


Sports Partnership :

The Dance Challenge  click to see the final dance challenge video

The Netball Challenge

Parents simply need to record the skills on a short video clips to our generic partnership email :

 Clips to be no longer than 20 seconds each (but they can email in multiple clips)

Sports Partnership will compile the videos into Super Netball Skills  Films as per the Dance Challenge which will be shared on their our social media channels including their You Tube Channel to spread the some dancing joy.

 The attached flyer gives full details of the challenges and links to our You Tube channel where they can see demonstrations of the challenges

 CLOSING DATE FOR VIDEO ENTRY : Monday 15th June 2020.



Music Home Learning Ideas


Read Write Inc


RWI spelling strategies for learning challenging words

Tricky Red words

Set 1 word assessment sheet (reception chn)

Set 2 word assessment sheet (Green to Orange Group)

Set 3 word assessment (groups orange to grey)

Set 1 Green words

Set 2 Green words

Set 3 Green words

RWI 1.7 Cards - 5 sounds per word

Nonsense- Alien words set 1

Nonsense - Alien words set 2

Nonsense - Alien words set 3

Additional nonsense.alien words - set 3

Groups ABC and ditty to read 6-10 w.c. 27.4.20


RWI planning and resources w.c. 18.5.20 

Red story book 2 - Got him

Red writing - Got him - all pages

Orange story - My best shirt

Orange writing - My best shirt - all pages

Groups ABC and Ditty - Ditties 21-25 to read w.c. 18.5.20.pdf

Grey story - A place in space-the moon

Grey writing - A place in space the moon - all pages

Green story - We can all swim!

Green writing - We can all swim! - all pages

Blue story - At the seaside

 Blue writing - At the seaside - all pages

Blue story - Barker

Blue writing - Barker - all pages


Yellow story - The duck chick

Yellow writing - The duck chick - all pages

Red story book 9 - Cluck

Red writing - Cluck - all pages

Red story book 3 - A cat in a pot

Red writing - A cat in a pot - all pages

Pink story - Scruffy Ted

Pink writing - Scrufy Ted - all pages

Grey story - Rex to the rescue

Grey writing - Rex to the rescue - all pages

Blue story - The poor goose

Blue writing - The poor goose - all pages


For daily virtual RWI lessons for children click -  Read Write Inc - You Tube Live


 RWI speed sound session times

RWI schedule June 2020


For questions on RWInc please email:

Read Write Handwriting

RWI RPhO_Hand Writing guidance

RWI RPhO_Hand Writing 1a

RWI RPhO_Hand Writing 1b

RWI RPhO_Hand Writing 2

RWI RPhO_Hand Writing 3



Please click here to access the TTRockstars and NumBots guide 

To access the TTRockstars and NumBots website please click here.

To see details about TTRocksrts and NumBots on YouTube click here

* Click on Kids Activities to take you to a web site with additional educational support.    

* Click on Discovery Education for additional teaching resources. 

Username: student4254
Password: espress0

*Click on Emile Resources for additional numeracy games.

Username: First name Last name1 (e.g. John Smith1)

Password: password 


Online Tech lessons for KS2 -. click here


Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service:

Sadly the service is unable to visit your premises at the present time so there are many safety activities for children of all ages plus links to other sites you may find useful. There is also a video produced by our crews on the Year 2 visit for you to share. 


Road Safety Team

Have provided the following work sheets/ puzzles regarding Road safety that you might enjoy:

Bicycle Quiz                                      Bicycle Answers

Green Cross Code Questions        Green Cross Code Answers

Y3 and 4_worksheet

Y1 and 2_worksheet

scramble- without clues                  scramble- with clues                       scramble- Answers



Online Safeguarding Hub for Parents

With children likely spending more time online, including websites, apps and social media.  Please click here to use the following link to access interactive guidance on setting up parental controls on your child’s devices, as well as guidance on apps like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and more.

Useful Links

Government Advice

Leighton Linslade Town Council - Task Force, how to get help.

Central Bedfordshire Council - What are we doing?