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Home Learning Work


Below are some photographs showing some of the special pieces of work being done at home while the school is closed.  

Riding his bike for the first time!

Click here to see Ellie's presentation on Vikings

Noah's  Chocolate Rap

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Please click here to see Cassius's Lego

TT Rockstars & NumBots

Certificates have been sent too: 

Franklin H, Harry P, Keaton R, Matilda E, Kieran H, Lucas S, Shayan K, Alessio S, S. Dowling & Devlin C 

Antonia B, Eliza C, Harleigh L-W, Harry M, Heathcliffe W, Matilda E, Kieran H, Shayan K, Alessio S, S. Dowling, Jake S

Antonia B, Franklin H, Harleigh L-W, Isabelle J, Ronnie M, Lilly F, Lucas S, Coco K, Jake S, Winnie H 

Charlie F, Jake S, Cassius, Lucas, Mia D, Shayan, Alessio, Bailey, Cora, S. Dowling, Harleigh, Harry M, Mary B, Oliver A 

Iulian, Keaton, Nicolas, Olly A, Toby, Amy, Marshall 

 Harleigh, Heathcliff, Nicolas, S. Dowling, Jake S, Evan A, Layla R, Winnie H, Lucas, Owen, Daisy V

S. Dowling, Jake S, Evan, Kieran, Winnie H, Layla, Lillian, Iulian, Winnie F, Eliza, Heathcliff, Nicolas 

Daisy V, Layla R, S. Dowling, Jake S, Owen G, Winnie H, Maggie H, Evan A, Olly A, Iulian, Kieran H, Heathcliff, Lucas, Mel R, Rae