Clipstone Brook Lower School

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Brooklands Drive, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 3PG

01525 376085

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School Aims


We are a really friendly school thanks to the dedicated, caring and motivated staff. We endeavour to help our children to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in preparation for a full, useful and happy life. This is achieved within a caring, stable environment where the children feel they belong and where they are happy. We are passionate about each individual child achieving their full potential.


For this to happen, we aim to:


  • develop the confidence and self-respect of all children and encourage them to become caring, respectful citizens, and develop positive attitudes towards the needs and feelings of themselves and others and towards their environment;
  • provide our children with a bright, stimulating and welcoming environment where they feel confident and secure to tackle challenges appropriate to their needs;
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum which teachers constantly review to stimulate and engage the interests and excitement of all our children, enabling them to reach their full potential;
  • promote the spiritual, moral, mental and physical development of children at the school;
  • have good quality teaching and learning which uses a varied range of teaching styles to match the different ways our children learn;
  • ensure equality of opportunity for all in every aspect of school life regardless of race, gender, special needs and disabilities;
  • promote the development of self-motivated, happy children with inquisitive minds and an ability to question and discuss rationally;
  • encourage our children to develop an enthusiasm for learning, ensuring that their voice is heard, respected and valued;
  • provide opportunities where children work together, sharing their ideas and supporting each other;
  • encourage respect for others and ourselves by celebrating our differences and recognising our similarities;
  • celebrate achievement;
  • acknowledge positive social and academic behaviours and attitudes within the classroom and throughout the school so children display good manners, courtesy and thoughtfulness at all times;
  • encourage wider community links and actively seek strong partnerships with parents and carers and forge international links through our global learning programme.
  • have a care for the environment and an understanding of our world;
  • encourage our children and families to adopt a healthy lifestyle;
  • foster children’s natural sense of awe and wonder, excellence and enjoyment; and prepare our children to be lifelong learners who will be equipped with the necessary skills for the 21st century.