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Sports Premium Funding


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2017-18 Sports Premium Plan 







Working in partnership with Leighton-Linslade School Sport Partnership

Guiding principles which have been considered when putting this action plan together and deciding how to support lower Schools and allocate the Sport Premium funding:


  • Consider the overall PE and sport provision across the school with respect to all pupils.
  • Identify how best to maximize the impact of PE, physical activity and competitive school sport on young people and school standards.
  • Embedding the investment within the school development plans to ensure that there is a strategy for the development of teacher confidence and competence in PE and wider outcomes for young people.
  • Build on the generic teaching skills of the classroom teachers, giving professional development opportunities, and therefore further expertise, in how to develop physical literacy and the breadth of learning that comprises physical education.
  • Support a subject coordinator for PE and sport to lead on development of PE within each Lower School.
  • Work collaboratively with other schools to develop a creative and higher quality provision.
  • Develop physical literacy by focusing on your pupils’ fundamental movements, then their generic sport skills and ultimately small-sided games.
  • Use qualified and suitably trained coaches to improve the quality and range of school sport offered to enrich the curriculum (but not replacing it).
  • Using toolkits and resources available to complement existing provision to enhance Health and Well Being of students. 


Before putting together the specific action plan we considered how to maximize linking the plan and review into the framework that is being used to map the impact of Sport Premium funding on a National and Local level, the six themes we are following are:


1. Coaching – How the deployment of additional coaching is and can be used to complement existing provisions, where they can and are being used to maximize impact on whole school development and the monitoring the quality assurance in delivery.

2. Competition - Developing opportunities for increased participation in competition, ensuring that Sport Premium funding is utilized to allow more students to assess opportunities as part of school games programme.

3. Health and Physical Activity – Increasing the provision for the schools to use the funding on activities that are targeted at the least active or improving health and well-being of the students.

4. Sharing of PE Specialist Teachers – Utilizing the expertise of local PE Specialist to work as peripatetic specialists on bespoken areas of need and development within the schools.

5. Professional Learning –Provide opportunities for Classroom Teachers, Support Staff, Head Teachers, Subject Coordinators and other personnel involved within the provision of PE and School Sport within the school to access CPD and training.

6. Other – Work with the school on a bespoke basis assistance to identify additional areas where the Sport Premium Funding can be invested to develop PE and School Sport

These six themes form the basis in covering the three key areas that we believe the Sport Premium Funding should support the lower School; these four key areas are Physical Education, Healthy and Active Lifestyles and Competitive School Sport


Physical Education

Physical education is education through physical activity: its goal is the development of the individual as a whole, not just their physical development or their proficiency in specific sports.

Through physical education in Lower school we aim to provide young people with access to physical activity for life as well as build the foundation for future participation and performance in sport.

A high quality PE programme will develop physical literacy and allow children to learn about themselves, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. PE also contributes to the development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.