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Policies / Documentation


School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.



Admissions Policy - 2023-2024

Admission Policy 2024-2025



Nursery Admissions policy 2023-2024


Acceptable Use Policy

Adult Volunteers Helpers Policy


Anti Bullying Policy


Anti smoking Kick Ash Smoke Free Schools Policy


Attendance Punctuality & Absence Policy




Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Behaviour and responsibilities policy- coronavirus addendum - June 2020

Exclusion Policy


Bereavement Policy

Car Parking Policy

 Charging and Remissions Policy


Complaints Policy

Serial Complaints Policy


Equality Policy

First Aid Policy

Administering Medicines Policy

Medical and First Aid Addendum June 2020

Head Injury Protocal June 23



 Mobile Phone Use Policy

Online Safety Policy


Photography and Images Policy


Parent Carer and Visitor Code of conduct of School Premises Policy


Premises Hire Policy


 PSHE Policy



Safeguarding Policy Sept 2023

Child on Child Abuse policy



Staff Social networking policy

Social Media Policy

LC2 Social Networking Agreement

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

 Accessibility Plan

 Transition Policy



Uniform Policy



 Dogs in School Risk Assessment

Visa/ Passport Applications/ Information for Home Office 

If parents ask staff to countersign passport and visa applications, this will only be an acceptable request for children currently on roll in our school.  We will be unable to complete the process if personal staff details are required as part of GDPR.

Please be aware that:

We will always need at least one week’s notice.  Our priority will remain with the business of the school and at busy periods this could mean a longer period of time is needed. This has become increasingly time consuming and may later involve resolving queries with the passport office. Parents are asked to bear in mind that this is not an entitlement or part of a teacher or school office job; it is something school members do in their own time if they feel it is appropriate.

Application forms/photographs can only be countersigned by a member of staff who has known the both the child applying for the passport/visa and the parent (s) for at least two years

There will be a charge of £15 for each request which will be put into the school fund which benefits all children directly.


Thank you