School Dinners


Our school dinners are cooked fresh every day by our experienced cook Sara and the team. They consist of meat and vegetarian main dishes followed by a dessert, and accompanied by fresh fruit, salad and home baked bread. Menus are on a three week cycle, however, they may be subject to change due to seasonal demands and availability.


Children can have a dinner every day or on an ad-hoc basis.


School dinners are free for all children from reception to year 2, inclusive, otherwise they cost:

£2.10 per day
£10.50 weekly

Please pay on the day or in advance for all meals, online (go to to register). 

Thank you 


Mrs Bradfield
Kitchen Manager


Hobbs Summer Leaflet 2018 week 1

Hobbs Summer Leaflet 2018 week 2

Hobbs Summer Leaflet 2018 week 3


Pupil Premium (Previously known as Free School Meals)

Depending on a families personal circumstances children may qualify for Pupil Premium (Free School Meals).  

The government gives the school additional funding for every pupil premium child so it is very important that every child, regardless of year group, registers if they qualify.  Although every child in Reception class, Year 1, and Year 2 in any state-funded school will get a free school meal every day older children can also get free school meals, but you have to apply. Your child will get a free school meal if you receive a qualifying benefit.

Regardless of the year group it is important that you apply for pupil premium if you qualify.  The additional funding not only supports the school it can help you too!  It helps us fund any additional learning support your child may need in class. We can also offer financial help towards buying uniform; offer free milk; attend our breakfast club; pay for music lessons or after school clubs. 

 Please click here to find out if you might qualify. 


Packed Lunches


Ever struggle to know what to put in your child's lunch box to make sure it is healthy and varies day by day?  Have a look at healthy packed lunches for ideas and for further practical guide to packed lunches.