School Expansion


The expansion is completed and we moved into the new areas in April 2016.  Please look at the photos below to see how work progressed. 


Our pond and Auroras memorial garden have been relocated to allow for some of the changes to take place.  

The changes to the building included: 5 new class rooms to the rear of the school; drama studio; new library; pupils toilets including a child's disabled toilet and shower room; courtyard area, staff room & staff toilets.  



See below for how the building work progressed

Early stages.....May 2015

28th June 2015......

5th July 2015

15th July 2015 - great progress so far....

7th August 2015 - We can see the changes....

21st August 2015

Great improvements so far....

9th September 2015 

November 3rd 2015

December 2nd 2015

27th January 2016 - It's looking really different!

March 2106 - we're nearly there......


Consultation letters


Letters and details sent to parents and interested parties.


Consultation invitation letter

Potential Expansion Q & A

Consultation questionnaire



Travel Plan