School Pictures - Pictures of Children at Work



Kiddicook in Octopus Class

We sit nicely and enjoy lunch together

22nd November 2017

Kiddicook in Octopus class

We enjoy our lunchtimes

We have been working hard today!    8th November 2017

07.11.2017 - Octopus class enjoying Kiddi cook - making banana bread

Outside maths with Octopus Class

Foundation Children having fun!

Young Leaders - September/October 2017

It's only September but we're working so hard!

Children in the classrooms

Lunchtimes and Young Leaders

Sea Horses and Nursery looking at the pond

Octopus Class making Egyptian bread - 24th January 2016

Circus Skills -year 4 - 19th October 2016

Year 3 - Drama 4 All - 18th October 2016

Octopus Class - Kiddicook - October 2016

Young Leader Training - September 2016

Turtle Class - Kiddicook - September 2016

Turtle Class in the Library - September 2016

Nursery and Early Years

Learning in Early Years

Maths in KS2

Octopus Class - making gingerbread men - 19.01 16

Silent and Group Reading Sessions 06.01.16

Maths in KS1 - January 2016

Glitter at Christmas time with KS1

Kiddycook in Octopus Class - November 2015

Learning in the Autumn term

Young Leader Training 17th September 2015

September 2015....Back to school in our new classes

Kiddy Cook - Miss Farid

KS1 Numeracy with Miss Farid

KS1 - Fun in P.E.

World Book Day 5th March 2015

Kiddicook - Mrs Hewett's Class - March 2015

Kiddicook - Mrs Hieatt's Class - February 2015

Kiddycook - Miss Baker's Class - January 2015

Lunchtimes - January 2015

January 2015 - Working in the classroom

12th December 2014 - Year 4 Walking to All Saints Church for Carol Service

24th November 2014 - Kiddycook - Miss Baker and her Class

3rd November 2014 - Kiddycook - Mr Saunders and his Class

November 5th - Year 1 children working hard....

November 2014

Miss Farid's Class - Kiddycook

October 2014 - The children are working so hard!

6th October 2014 - We welcomed the Guinea Pigs!  We are learning about Pets

22nd September 2014 - Making Lighthouses in Miss Baker's Class

Story and painting time in Miss Baker's class - September 19th 2014

Lunchtimes - September/October 2014

KS2 - Making Fruit Kebabs

September 2014 - Foundation Children enjoying working together

Enjoying friendships

Learning in all key stages - May 2014

Small groups and 1-1 Learning - May 2014

Science in KS2 - planting seeds 30th April 2014

KS2 ICT - using Screen Turtle

Foundation Stage Learning...

Foundation Stage - on their Learning Walk

KS2- Drumming

Foundation Stage children making Snowmen for Christmas

We are lucky to have people come into school  listen to us read every week....



24th October 2013  Enrichment Day in KS2 

Miss Baker's Class looked at Sweden, Mrs Hieatt's Class looked at Poland and Mrs Davy's Class looked at Denmark

Playtime on the field - May 2013

Learning in KS1

Foundation Stage

Anglian Water visit the school - Caing for our Environment

Science in Mrs Davy's Class

Joey's Club